Cat herpesvirus: symptoms, remedies and cure

Cat herpesvirus symptoms, remedies and cure

Feline Hespervirus is a specific virus that affects the cat, and is the cause of a particularly widespread infectious disease called infectious rhinotracheitis. It is one of the diseases against which, normally, the cat is vaccinated as a child, especially to avoid the most serious symptoms because the vaccine is …

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Feline calicivirus: therapy, symptoms and contagion

Feline calicivirus therapy, symptoms and contagion

In this article we talk about another infectious disease that affects the cat: we talk about the cat calicivirus, a virus that brings one of the most common infectious diseases for our four-legged friend. Along with infectious rhinotracheitis and panleukopenia, the feline calicivirus is the virus that is part of …

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Cat anesthesia: side effects and awakening

Cat anesthesia side effects and awakening

In this article we will try to clarify a procedure widely used in veterinary medicine: cat anesthesia. There are many types of anesthesia, from total anesthesia, to local anesthesia, to the sedation of the cat, and often one wonders what can be the side effects of anesthesia in the cat, …

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Cats language: how to understand a cat

Cats language how to understand a cat

In this article we will try to understand and interpret the language of cats, to learn to understand their needs, to try to answer a little to the question “what do cats think?” when they give us signals. The language of cats consists of several factors, ranging from the language …

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Post cat sterilization and cat castration: what to do

Post cat sterilization and cat castration what to do

In this article we will see how to behave after the cat’s neutering and cat castration interventions, that is how to manage post-surgery of these two interventions, how to make the post-sterilization convalescence comfortable and how to help the cat recover from the operation and from anesthesia . Ovariectomy and …

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How to tell if my cat is happy

“Ask me if I’m happy,” reads the title of the film, and it is often a question we ask we humans towards our cat. Make happy your life partner, be it a dog or a cat (but not only), it is a worry of many owners. Many, however, would agree …

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