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Cat herpesvirus: symptoms, remedies and cure

Cat herpesvirus symptoms, remedies and cure

Feline Hespervirus is a specific virus that affects the cat, and is the cause of a particularly widespread infectious disease called infectious rhinotracheitis. It is one of the diseases against which, normally, the cat is vaccinated as a child, especially to avoid the most serious symptoms because the vaccine is …

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Sacred Cat of Burma, all about colors, character, price

This refined and elegant-looking cat is able to conquer the human, and to establish with him a beautiful relationship of respect and trust. Breed’s origin The history of the Sacred Cat of Burma is very controversial, full of legends. Legend has it that the monaco Mun-Ha lived in the temple …

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Persian Cat | Character, health, price and photos

Breed origin Persian cat is the result of human selection, is a creation of man. Its ancestor is the Turkish Angora cat, brought to Europe from Asia in 1926 by Pietro Della Valle. Following this cat was crossed with another smaller specimen and stocky, long-haired, from Iran. It was much …

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Tonkinese cat : story, character, price and necessary care

The Tonkinese cat brings together so perfectly harmonious breed Siamese and the Burmese. Initially called Siamese gilt, was later recognized as a breed in its own right. Tonkinese Breed history Tonkinese cat The Tonkinese breed was born from a cross between the Siamese and Burmese, and the two genes are …

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Bengal cat: price, personality and characteristics

The Bengal cat is a wonderful leopard miniature, of which we must respect the movement and freedom needed, though it is very friendly with humans. Breed origin The Bengal cat, or Bengal, is a fascinating crossbreed with the Asian Leopard, Felis bengalinsis, also evident from the coat characteristics. This cross …

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Ragdoll cat: character, price, information and breeding

The Ragdoll is a very sweet cat, antithesis of the classic feline for its devotion to its master. Extremely domestic it follows its human everywhere to feel protected. Breed origin This cat breed originated from a cross between an Angora white cat, whose name was Josephine, and the so called …

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