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Adopt a cat that's how life changes you

Adopt a cat: that’s how life changes you

Are you thinking of adopting a cat and you still don’t know what you’re going to encounter? Here I tell you about my experience, and how the adoption of a cat (or rather 2) has changed my life, and I hope this article will be useful to know where to start, give you an idea about the cat to choose, how many cats to adopt and how your life will change (and your home).

Adopting a cat means taking responsibility for another living being, then making a SERIOUS commitment and indefinitely. Whether you want to adopt a kitten or an adult cat, buy a cat or adopt cats from a shelter or foundling, the essential thing is to be prepared, inform yourself and be aware of the changes that will take place at home and in your life.

Your life will undergo several changes, on different levels, for example:

  • on a practical level, because you will have to organize your home to welcome the new cat adopted
  • in terms of time, because you will have to spend time with it
  • on the emotional level, because the relationship with the cat will be between YOU and the cat and it’s up to you to build it in the best way

Here on the MicioGatto website you will find many articles that can prepare you for the reception of a cat at home, I would like to summarize here some basic information and tell you about my experience.
I suggest you also read this article: Take a cat, the advice of the experts., Because there I leave the floor to the veterinary experts and ethologists for qualified advice when you think “I want a cat”

When to adopt a cat

The adoption of a cat must be done when one’s life has a minimum of stability, and when we can guarantee the cat a stable home and a routine that includes our presence at home. Adopting a kitten when we are away 10 hours a day 5 days a week is not a good idea.

It is not true that a bowl of food is enough for a cat and you know how to arrange yourself, much less that you love being alone … Adopting a cat means knowing him, and you must be well aware that the cat does not necessarily like to be alone.

The cat is a social animal, not “obliged” like a dog, as it can adapt to live in contact with other living beings, but it can also choose to be on its own, but still needs contact, attention, and without doubt develops a relationship of affection with his human.

I have two cats, Lady and Oscar, adopted by children, they are brother and sister, and with each of them I have a different relationship, made up of more or less moments of cuddling, more or less moments of play.

So the adoption of a cat must be done when you have the time and the opportunity to follow him, to be with him and interact with him, especially if the cat will keep him alone at home, without the possibility of letting him out.

Adopt a cat puppy

Usually you prefer to adopt a small kitten, because you can enjoy the phase in which the kitten is more playful, more puccioso and cute.

But be careful, because a small kitten is also much more lively, it explores a lot the territory in which we place it, it is more impetuous, so we must be aware that it could do damage at home.

The right age to adopt a kitten is after 2 months of life, even better when it has 3 months, because the kitten needs to stay as much as possible with mother cat and her brothers, to learn different behaviors, which they can then do the difference between a serene, or more shy, or even aggressive kitten.

Cat mother teaches the kitten self-control, so adopting a kitten that is too small may mean then finding yourself with a cat that doesn’t know how to limit itself in the game, injuring us with nails.
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Furthermore, it is necessary to adopt a baby cat when it is already finished weaning, that is when it is able to feed on food other than mother’s milk.

When I brought home Lady and Oscar they were really small, they had about 2 months, I had to make this choice because they were foundlings, if I didn’t adopt them at that time probably mother cat, who was stray, would have hidden them somewhere.

Fortunately they were already weaned, so I was already able to feed them with wet food and slowly I went to the croquettes, but the first times they were challenging, because they dived into the saucer of food, they were always dirty with food, and exploring the house dirty all over.

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As for the litter I had no problems, it was enough for me to put Lady and Oscar in the sandbox, and they immediately realized that it was there that they had to rasp and make bisognini. What a gratification!! 🙂

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Adopt an adult cat
It is absolutely not true that only by adopting a cat baby will he become attached to us, because he grows with us.

This is a bit of a prejudice that restrains many adoptions of adult cats, but also of cats that have 5 months, as you always prefer the small kitten.

Adopting an adult cat actually means giving a grown cat the opportunity to be loved and cared for, to start a family and not be a “waste”.

You cannot make a more loving gesture than go to a cattery and adopt an adult cat, giving it the opportunity to have a home, a family and, if elderly, to end its life with dignity, loved and cared for.

Adult cats become very fond of puppies to their humans, maybe even more.

We take care if we introduce an adult cat to a cat that we already have, we try to take care of the insertion of the cat in the most gradual way possible. Read also: Inserting a cat at home, what to do

The choice of adopting an adult cat may also be preferable considering the fact that an adult cat is quieter than a small kitten, so damage at home will be limited, impetuousness will be less.

You can interested in:

The important thing is that we respect the character of the adult cat, because it is already perfectly formed, so that we respect its needs and habits.

The same is true even if you decide to adopt a disabled cat or a sick cat. They are not “cats to be discarded”, but the commitment and care they require repay them with a love that cannot even be imagined. Read also: Adopt an adult cat, we recommend it Friends of Chicco

Is it better to adopt a male or a female cat?

I have them both and I’ve had both boys and girls individually.

In general, if sterilized (and I strongly recommend sterilizing them), there is little difference. The sterilized male cat becomes very domesticated, and affectionate as much, if not more, than the female. It really depends on the character of the cat.

Is it better to adopt a purebred cat or foundling?

In my opinion this is a question not to be asked. You adopt a cat, period.

I personally think that catteries are so full of cats that it is absurd to buy a cat, but I also understand those who fall in love with the aesthetics or character of a particular breed, and prefer to buy a purebred cat.

There are also those who buy a Norwegian forest because it causes much less allergy than another cat, and therefore, not wanting to give up the joy of adopting a cat, makes this choice.

The most important issue, in my opinion, is to find out as much as possible, before adopting a cat, about how to satisfy his needs, then whether he is of race or not, it doesn’t matter.

If you adopt a purebred cat, very well informed about the breeder’s activity, remember that when you sell a purebred cat, the pedigree is required by law, maybe take a tour of the Facebook groups of the feline associations, and ask about breeding , to avoid running into breeders who only care about the economic return, and little the welfare of the cat.

Adopt a cat: the questions to ask
When you’re about to adopt a cat, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have the time to stay with him for several hours a day?
  • Am I willing to sacrifice the cleanliness of my home? (hair everywhere, scratches, etc.)
  • Am I willing to spend money on illnesses, vaccines, accidents?
  • Am I ready to organize my weekends and holidays without leaving the cat alone?
  • Am I ready to deal with behavioral problems such as needs out of the litter box, stress, discomfort, and offer my cat the right care?
  • Is my house big enough for one or more cats?
  • Am I willing to change my home to make it safe?
  • Are my children ready to have an animal and respect it?
  • Am I going to adopt a cat just because I want a “nice” thing at home or because I want to give it a cat life?

My experience of adopting two cats

How has my life changed since there are Lady and Oscar? Surely a richer life, more joyful and full of love.

Taking care of a creature means becoming responsible, making choices that take into account something other than just yourself, and this, in my opinion, is an attitude to teach children too. Read also: Cats and children, how to live peacefully together

Adopting a cat is a commitment, it means being bound to not being able to spend 3 weeks away from home, or at least having to think about how to make the cat feel good at that time.

My experience with Lady and Oscar is a life of compromise, in which I force two creatures always at home, with only one terrace, but I keep them safe, in which I try to be as present as possible, but there are also times when I’m alone at home.

An experience in which I try to do my best to keep them healthy and happy, informing me, adapting my home to their needs and dedicating them a lot of time.

But without them I could not stand 🙂 The relationship that is created is unique, difficult to explain, who already has a cat knows it, and with each cat is different. And then cats are super fun !! I do lots of laughs watching them play, interact, explore Read also: Why have a cat in difficult times of life

What I would like to pass, with the MicioGatto website, is: get as much information as possible, try to get to know your cat, cats in general, to make conscious and loving choices. And now, tell me your experience in the comments!

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