The benefits of having a cat in the difficult moments of life

The cat, this strange companion of a lifetime, as it helps you in difficult times?

If you’ve never had a cat at home you can not even imagine what it really means!
And if you’re thinking that a cat bring in your life only hair, wool balls rolling all over and some melted beh..è true, there is all this and much more.

When hosting a cat in your house at the beginning he will be wary, slightly expansive because it is a cat, so it is in his nature never rely completely to someone else, but with time he will creep into your life and, little by little , it will become a very important part.

Not everyone knows but the cat is a type of very sensitive animal, and willing to share with you your and his moods, if for example he does not want to be pampered you will do so immediately understand girandoti shoulders while you try a loving approach, on the contrary if he is to have the desire to pamper yourself you can not escape, he will find you and will not stop rubbing off thee, riempendoti clothes of hair, until you feel satisfied.

Anything to clarify from the outset that the concept of cat like animal anaffective and shy is commonplace as the black cat brings bad luck.

How can heal a cat from injury

Last summer my friend was seriously injured a knee, an injury to the cruciate that ‘forced her to rest for a while’ time.

He told me that he was often in bed and felt depressed because outside it was sunny and she could not even leave the house.

Shard sensed that something was wrong as soon as he returned home moving with crutches and, after sniffing for half an hour the strange things he had never seen (crutches, indeed!) And have decided that they were not dangerous, he chosen to help: he lay down on the bed next to her, approaching as much as possible his hairy and chubby body to its knees without anything to hurt her and remained there for as long as she lay in bed; as soon as he lay down he came, always the same position, the same imperturbable immobility.

The cats give off heat from their little body, and that warmth for her was like a warm caress, she felt better with him closely and, above all, I do not feel abandoned.

It was as if to say “ok, you welcomed me into your house when I was alone and hungry, right now I would stand by you, at the cost of making a hole in your bed, all the time it will take.”
But that’s not all, a cat is much, much more ..

Heartbreak? The cat comforts you

All women has happened or will happen to suffer for love sooner or later, it’s an experience sad and difficult to overcome; the woman who is left needs a period of degradation, that is, an indefinite time (but usually very short because, you know, women are indestructible!) when it closes at home to cry on while watching movies and heartbreaking eat tons of ice cream and chocolate straight from the tin.

Here, if there is a cat in the house, know that does not keep good good to watch you hurt yourself, he will force you to react.

Your furry friend does not even try to console you, he will force you to get up off the couch and put the blanket in which you are wrapped meow because until you do, then find a thousand excuses to deal with the mind: will want to eat, then you will clean the litter and then want to play, and then begin the ambushes, and those absurd positions and very funny that only a cat can take and that, no matter how desperate you are for your break, will make you laugh and will force you to crouch on mat to play with him.

When you’ve had a bit ‘relieved of moral and your cat will be sure that you can get away, then and only then, will acciambellerà to sleep next to you, maybe even eat tons of ice cream but are you ready to watch a play a little’ less sad.
But that’s not all, a cat is much, much more ..

Even the greatest pain is easier to overcome with a cat

They do not do miracles cats, no, but they help so much even in the most difficult to overcome moments of discouragement.

Depression sometimes hits unexpected, perhaps to a serious loss, bereavement or just because life is hard, but it is something difficult to tackle, and the solitude helps.

And here’s return to the office your cat .. is as if they had hidden in those little mustache of small sensors that pick up your discontent and your sufferings, the cat understands depression and treatment with “cat-therapy”!

They approach without expecting anything, you sniff and you’ll lick your face, it’s their way to fill you with kisses, sometimes caress you with those little legs covered with soft ear cushions and in the caress can hear you untie that knot chokes the throat.

No, they do not make miracles, but they are animals nature wants them impassive and indifferent to all that does not concern them directly, but when we adopt one, he adopts us as mothers, and shows us so much love to succeed, sometimes , to fill the void of what was lost, that there never was or what I continue to dream.

And then have an extraordinary beauty, and look at beautiful things, you know, it helps to not see those ugly.

I sometimes I do with my cat, when everything seems bad and I feel apathetic me take it in his arms and caressed him looking at her pretty face, just to not forget that beauty exists, at times seems to be only in the form perfect his ears pricked, the fair line of her nose, those eyes that hide a thousand mysteries that we will never understand, but who can be sweet like few other things in the world.

But that’s not all, a cat is much, much more ..

The cat, the natural anti stress

Tough day at work?

In the evening we go home tired and sometimes a little ‘unhappy because we could not perform all the tasks that we set in the morning, or because we are unable to cut some time to noi..e too often on our return we feel that no one really understands our fatigue, maybe your husband asks you a clean shirt but you forget to hug you for a moment, and your son, without fail, asks what’s for dinner while telling you in one breath his day, however, He may not think to ask how was yours.

There is nothing strange, are the hectic pace of life that cause us to be so, only a few days there weighs a bit ‘more.

Never fear, kitty super star will also help you this time! The cat understands you how indents in the house, maybe your step or perhaps the language of your body, but as completely ignores you if he sees you relaxed and understands that you do not need him, so you turn around, making you understand that it is happy to have you back, if you perceive that you need to heat.

Purr that makes while it rubs on your legs are as strong and decided how big your need to feel well received at home, and if you just start walking between your feet prevent you from proceeding until you take a moment to exchange with him a bit ‘of effusions, and the exchange of pampering you will need to push through that dark cloud that you had before your eyes.

It seems strange to you?

Yet it is so, the cat helps in many ways to come out of a gloomy mood, whatever the cause.

As I said earlier, if you have a cat at home you can not understand; when my friends told me about this I thought they were a bit ‘potted, I never liked the fanaticism, but then I took Splinter home, now have three years who is with us, and I realized that sometimes a cat it is better than a ‘friend because it let me speak, let off steam and sometimes even insulting, without judging, without holding a grudge.

It gives you so much love and in return asks only to be treated well, being taken care of and pampered. Respect is an essential thing in the relationship with cats, they will claim a great deal, they want their space, they want to order and cleanliness in their things and move away when there is too much noise, not celebrating holidays and vanish for households are strangers who invade their space because they need peace and quiet, and these need to be taken into consideration because it is their nature, the cat expects you to respect these rules.

But in return they take into account yourself, your moods, your aches and endure them, even better than that, help you to overcome them.

For this to have a cat at home it is good for body and mind, and very often saves the small screw in the street would not last more than a few days; adopt a cat is a good move for him, he knows it and you will be grateful for life.

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