Dog or cat How to choose to adopt

Dog or cat? How to choose to adopt

When it comes to the decision to adopt a pet, generally, the choice falls between the most popular pets: the dog and the cat. But which is better to choose between dog or cat? Obviously, the choice must be entirely personal, but since it is an important choice and must be responsible, let’s evaluate together whether to choose a dog or a cat.

Better a dog or a cat?

In itself there is no better thing than another, this applies to everything, but it always depends on the context in which this choice is made.
To help guide you in the decision between cat and dog, and also to bring on your side perhaps an undecided partner or someone who would like a dog, while you want a cat, we have created this sort of “check list” between dog and cat, for understand which animal is right for you.

Better a dog if …

  • If you’ve always wanted it because you are fascinated by this species that has always been linked to human beings;
  • If every time you meet one on the street you want to come closer, caress it and know what it’s called;
  • If you had the sensitivity to share the appeals for adoptions or search for dogs disappeared through social media too;
  • If you like to see documentaries about the wolf and its like;
  • If you like the concept of “pack” or team play;
  • If you had the interest to know the various dog breeds and their various attitudes …

Well then surely the dog (Canis lupus familiaris) is the pet for you.

Better a cat if …

  • If you’ve always wanted it because you are fascinated by this species that was never really and totally domesticated by man;
  • If every time you meet a cat on the street you are looking for if there are others, if there are bowls of food and water and you tell yourself if it is part of a feline colony or you are lost;
  • If you had the sensitivity to share the appeals of cats and kittens both for adoptions and for research through social media;
  • If you like to see documentaries of other felines like tigers, lions, panthers and more;
  • If you are satisfied with being able to get by on your own without necessarily having someone’s help;
  • If you had the interest to know the various cat breeds …

Well surely the cat (especially Felis silvestris catus) is the pet for you.

Dog vs cat in everyday life

Have you thought about which dog / cat is best for you in terms of understanding / feeling? Well!
Our checklist was a basic orientation to understand if you are more likely to have a dog or a cat.

Now, however, the time has come to understand how much you can offer your dog or cat in terms of daily management.

If you want a dog

Beyond the race to which it belongs (preferably a foundling!), You must consider that the puppy must stay with its mother and the brothers the time necessary to learn bite inhibition and motor control as well as much more. The days of life for a dog correspond to our months of life, while his months correspond to our years! This is why every moment is precious and should not be underestimated. Everything you learn with us will be memorized and reworked for better or for worse.

Therefore remember that:

  • from the eighth to the tenth week there is the permanent period of fear: in this very delicate phase we must not frighten the puppy;
  • from the 3rd to the 4th month there is environmental socialization: in this phase the puppy must explore every type of environment, always monitoring every situation;
  • from the 8th to the 12th month there is sexual maturity;
  • up to the age of 2, there is social maturity: the puppy must understand its hierarchical rank and it is up to us to make it understood.

If you have chosen a cat

Beyond the race of belonging (preferably a foundling!) You have to consider that the puppy must remain with the mother and the little brothers as long as it takes for it to acquire the right psychophysical balance, thus avoiding most of the behavioral pathologies linked to early detachment.
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The environment in which he will live with us must be very well taken care of.
Environmental enrichment for a cat is very important. Therefore we supply boxes and / or boxes, ladders and shelves, free access to some closet / drawer, more sources of food and water, access to windows / balconies / terraces in safety, vertical and horizontal climbers and scratchers, more beddings, balls and mice , appetizers and much more.
Sometimes even the presence of a conspecific can be considered environmental enrichment, but it depends on the personality of the cat because he often prefers to be alone!
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Choice between dog or cat

Whoever you have chosen you must have in mind that animals are not toys, but living beings capable of feeling emotions, it is a commitment and a great responsibility that we have when we adopt a cat and / or a dog.

Remember that, along with the necessary vaccinations and veterinary care, you must provide him with adequate food, take care of the coat, give him objects suitable for the game, clean the cat’s bedding daily and let the dog leave at least twice a day for his physiological needs.

You have to adapt your habits, evaluate vacation periods, whether to take it with you or hand it over to a trusted person who can do it.

You have to educate him by explaining, without the use of coercion, what he is allowed to do and what not.
If this is clear to you, you are really ready to adopt a dog or a cat. If you have questions or want to tell your experience, write well in the comments below. And good coexistence with six legs

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