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Dogs and cats how to make presentations

Dogs and cats: how to make presentations

Is it really true that dogs and cats do not agree under the same roof? or is it just one of the many myths to debunk?
In this article we have seen what are the differences in behavior between dogs and cats and what is the approach of both to humans and other animals.

Now we will see how to make presentations, or how to introduce a dog into a house when the cat is already there, or how to introduce a cat when the dog is already present, or the case where dogs and cats are still puppies and we want to introduce them together at home. These three situations have different degrees of difficulty, let’s see how.

Place a new animal at home (dog or cat)

However, it may be necessary to introduce a new animal (dog or cat) into the house when the other feels the only landlord, in which case problems could arise.

  • The easiest occurrence is the one in which we take two puppies of dog and cat, and we insert them at home together.
  • The occurrence of “medium” difficulty is the case in which we introduce a kitten in a house where there was already a dog, let’s see it below.
  • The most arduous event is to introduce a little dog in a house owned by a cat.

The fact is that a domestic animal feels like a master in its own home, feels the territory as its own, and if not immediately accustomed to sharing it with other animals, it can have unexpected reactions, this is where we could witness the occurrence of the saying “like dogs and cats ”.

We see all three cases. See also: Introduce a new cat into the house if you already have a cat

Easy: little dog and kitten puppies together at home

Taking a little dog and a kitten together, if both are puppies, is best.

If both are puppies, the dog will always want to play, but the kitten will also have it, and will tend to play together, as if they were two kittens or two little dogs. Seeing dogs and cats puppies playing together is something beautiful.

Being both inexperienced, they will be accepted immediately, and there will be no particular problems of insertion, except that the cat tends to isolate itself more, at times, and we must give it anyway a way to have a place where it can be isolated, maybe a shelf or basket on a piece of furniture, where the dog, who jumps little, can’t get there.

Puppy and kitten puppies together at home
Puppy and kitten puppies together at home

This eventuality is ideal, because dogs and cats get used to the presence of the other from an early age, and it is easier for them to become friends.

 In the first days of cohabitation we must stay as much as possible at home, to avoid situations of nervousness, which is noticed because the cat wags its tail.

Or because the dog bleeds, because the scratch has scratched or bitten it. Or that the cat bleeds because the dog turned against him.

Medium: get the dog to accept a new cat

Introducing a kitten into a house with a dog is not too difficult, as long as the dog, which is a social animal, has understood that we are the master. The relationship between dogs and cats in this case will start without problems and we can be calm with the inclusion of a puppy kitten to the dog.

Since the dog’s mind works so “we are a family, he is the boss and I have to do what he says”, where he is obviously us masters, the dog will have to accept the newcomer, because it is our decision.

Make the dog accept a new cat
Make the dog accept a new cat

Maybe he will smell it, try to play with it, take it for a toy and be careful to say “no!” When he exudes a little in his behavior and reward him when he is quiet, but there will be no particular problems. Maybe cats and dogs will immediately start playing together.

The small kitten, on the other hand, being a new experience, will learn to accept the presence of the dog as a habit, even though it may have moments in which it wants to isolate itself and so it is important to leave a space, for him, unattainable for the dog .

Difficult: inserting puppy dog ​​with adult cat

Introducing a new dog at home if we already have a cat is by far the most difficult occurrence, especially if we already have an adult cat.

Have you ever seen an angry cat? Well, it’s scary. It blows, grits its teeth, and then starts scratching and biting. And it hurts.

In particular to a puppy dog, that even if it is small will try to defend itself, and here we return to “like dogs and cats” of which we spoke at the beginning.

You can interested in:

The cat is a territorial animal, it has its territory (of hunting, even if being at home then it does not hunt) and it does not tolerate intrusions. Much less from a being that skips, wags its tail and carries around the house all that it finds for fun.

If the cat is angry it blows the dog

The first few days when a dog is introduced into a house where there is already a cat, it is advisable to avoid contact between the two: you must close one of the two animals in a room and leave it there, to settle.

Better to close the dog in a room, because it is small and has not yet developed its own territory.

When we feed them, we put the two bowls on the opposite sides of the door, closed, so that by eating both they associate the smell of the other animal with something as pleasant as food.

This technique is effective even if we want to introduce a new cat into a house where another cat is already resident.

For animals the sense of smell is one of the most important senses, if not the most important, so it is essential to allow animals to get to know each other initially through the sense of smell.

At this point, after a few days of this treatment, we can make them known, perhaps for a short time a day.

We keep the dog at bay, let’s bring it closer to the cat, let’s make them sniff and if the puppy tries to play, let’s stop it immediately with a “no!”, Otherwise it risks a scratch from the cat.

We repeat this operation for a few days, perhaps keeping them in the same room, but bringing the dog closer to the cat (vice versa it will never happen) only if it does it quietly, and slowly they will learn to know each other.
If the cat “takes offense” and isolates, there is nothing wrong.

Okay, he will do it for a few days, then when he will understand that his food ration has not changed compared to before and that the dog does not bite (in both figurative and physical sense) he will start to return the cat he was before.

And in this way we will be able to create a cohabitation that is perhaps not loving, but nonetheless peaceful, between two animals that are much more different than you think.
If you are still deciding whether to adopt a dog or a cat in your home, it may be useful to read this article: Dog or cat, how to choose to adopt.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you, if you have any questions about entering a dog or cat where there is already another pet, write them down here in the comments!

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