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Breed origin

Persian cat is the result of human selection, is a creation of man.

Its ancestor is the Turkish Angora cat, brought to Europe from Asia in 1926 by Pietro Della Valle. Following this cat was crossed with another smaller specimen and stocky, long-haired, from Iran.

It was much appreciated initially in England, it is said that Queen Vitore he possessed very valuable specimens.

The FIFé (Fédération Internationale Féline) divides the Persian cat in three subtypes: the Persian bicolor with two-thirds of solid color and a third of white; Persian Harlequin has five sixths of white coat color while covering a sixth of the surface; Persian van with only patches of color on the head and tail.

The appearance of the Persians today is very different from the original one, the selection has been refined and cats are obtained hairier and massive.

Persian cat Character

He ‘a cat home, quiet, loves human company and is very sweet and affectionate. Fits all those looking for a faithful friend to cuddle, but not to disturb him during his long “siestas”!
It requires daily care and could not survive without his master.

Tolerates the presence of other animals, particularly not suffer loneliness.

It has a fine palate and often delicate flavors.

He loves to show off his glory, loves to be admired and cared for.

Persian Features

Firm body and massive, short legs and muscular.

Weight: between 3.5 and 7 kg.

Long, flowing coat, especially on the neck, which looks almost like a mane.

The coloring of the coat can vary about two hundred color combinations: the most common, those in solid colors (white, black, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and cream), and, for the type tortie, tortoiseshell shades black or blue-cream, but also chocolate or lilac.
If you have the base of the hair evenly clear are called smoke (black smoke, blue smoke, etc.).
The design of the coat can be solid, tabby blotched (marbled) tabby tigré (brindle), spotted tabby (spotted), or with a mixture of white and other colors is plain that tabby.
It can also have the point as the Siamese, in which case it is called color point Persian.
In solid colors must not be displayed drawings, light hair or other colors.
The cream derived from a cross between Persians white and red; their coat varies from ivory to yellow and fulvio pale and eyes are orange or copper. The red variant is much sought after because it is difficult to obtain. In the variety with white hair eyes are blue, orange or yellow.

The eyes may be orange (the most intense and bright as possible), green, blue or learn (one eye blue and one orange).

There is also a variety of Persian shorthair the Exotic Shorthair and variety Chinchilla

Persian cat Breed standard:

Category I: Exotic and Persians

EMS code: FOR
Associations that recognize the breed: AACE, ACF, ACFA, CCA, CFA, FIFé, GCCF, LOOF, SACC, TICA, WCF

  • tartinaSize
    Medium to large
  • Head
    Shape: Round and massive, well balanced, very broad skull
    Overhead Round
    Cheeks: Solid
    Nose: Short, wide, with a definite stop, but not a snub.
    The bridge of the nose and the nose should be wide.
    The nostrils must be wide open, to allow easy
    and free passage of air.
    The stop must be located between the eyes, not above
    the upper line of the eyes, nor below the lower one.
    Chin: Strong
    Jaws: Broad and mighty
    Expression: Pleasantly open
  • Ears
    Form: Small, with rounded tips, with tufts of hair (tuft)
    Placement: Set far apart and rather low
  • Eyes
    Shape: Large, round and open, far apart
    Color: Brilliant and expressive. The color must be pure and according to what is suitable for its variety of colors of the coat.
  • Neck
    Short and strong
  • Body
    Compact structure (cobby), low on legs, broad chest, massive shoulders and back, well muscled
  • Legs
    Short, thick and strong
    Feet: Large and tones, solids; tufted (tuft) between the fingers are welcome
  • Queue
    Short and bushy hair
  • Cloak
    Long and dense, the fine texture and silky (not woolly).
    A large collar (‘ruff’) covers the shoulders and chest

Persian cat price

The Persian cat price  can range from $300 to $800 USD

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