How to tell if my cat is happy

“Ask me if I’m happy,” reads the title of the film, and it is often a question we ask we humans towards our cat.

Make happy your life partner, be it a dog or a cat (but not only), it is a worry of many owners.

Many, however, would agree that the cat is an animal cryptic and cryptic to understand and sometimes is not so easy to interpret what’s going through my mind, and what emotions are testing at a given time.

We see some aspects that can help us to orient ourselves and get out of this labyrinth of emotions.

Given that the very concept of happiness is something very relative and subjective, we must accept that what made “happy” to our eyes a cat of our past, can be indifferent to our current cat.

How to tell if your cat is happy?

We can consider and assess some aspects.
The appetite of the cat could be a first point on which to dwell.

The cat by its nature is an animal which tends to make numerous small meals over the whole day.
It is an animal that regulates itself in eating and get to consume 5 to 15 meals a day, always in small to modest amounts.

This characteristic often leads us to consider him as suffering and appetite, resulting in our attempt to stimulate it with new types of food and, above all, in huge quantities.

The appetite changes may be valuable indicators of the mood of our cat as well as the state of his health.

If our cat is particularly hungry, so long to develop overweight and obesity, this could be a clear sign of mental and physical discomfort as much as its possible tendency to not eat at all, thus losing weight to be cachectic.

Another aspect to consider is the care that our big cat has of himself: the toilet behavior and certainly among the activities that are carried out with greater dedication.

The cleanliness of the cat is made of gestures and movements that develop one after the other and, if the well is observed, it will seize that is not carried out at random but organized according to a precise pattern: licking of the lips, licking of the paw front, rubbing from behind the ear up before the eye, abdomen licking followed by that of the hind leg.

The toilet is not just an activity to clean your own body, but it is something that relieves the cat, almost like a self-massage.

If the cat manifests an increase of behavior, for example, due to social conflicts or situations that generate stress, it will do to alleviate the emotional tension that follows, and will be able, in this case, encounter damage to the cladding layer and skin.

Typical signs of an excessive level of licking by the cat are the thinning of the hair, or the presence of broken hairs, up to the detection of areas of alopecia (ie with total absence of hair).

Even the cat that does not devote any time or very little time cleaning it might do in response to a physical and psychological discomfort.
In this case its coat will appear fat, opaque and ruffled, often associated with the presence of dandruff also of remarkable entity.

The cat is a curious animal proverbially (an English proverb says “curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back to life”).

Those who live with a cat knows that you do not have time to go home with her shopping bag that our adorable feline is already with its nose on the inside to try to flush out what was purchased.

But not only shopping bag captures his interest even our bags, our jackets, our umbrellas to say nothing of our shoes, or other objects leave carelessly unattended.

It should certainly arouse amazement, in a proprietary, and turn on an alarm bell the total absence of curiosity in their cat.

Mind you, a cat would be so curious but shy and then approach “the new thing” with a certain slowness, staying to observe it from a distance for several minutes, but the very fact that the cat remains in a range, such as enable you to view, shows a certain degree of interest.
Later it also approaches to view at closer range.

If all this is completely absent, our cat may not be comfortable and safe in his house.

Finally an owner willing to tell if your cat is happy and peaceful does have a point to keep in mind and that is, if your pet takes part in the daily life of the family or not.

Also in this case we must take account of some individual differences.
Each cat has a different confidence level.

There will, for example, owners who will not be allowed to go to the bathroom without their feline shade and those that will be monitored closely by your cat, as under the eyes of a watchful vulture.

The personalities of the cats are endless and we must therefore give up the longing to understand the way their minds and accept that an aura of mystery will always remain, but that does not mean we should not try to understand and above all we should never stop to ask whether “our cat is happy.”

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