Travel with a cat in the car, how to do and how to carry it

Cats are very territorial animals, and this we know it all. Running around the house, he likes to be in control of the house and of the things that are there, but some cats like to be taken on the road.

I do not speak of that trip which is similar to a deportation and called the vet (where the problems are quite different) but the longer trips, generally carried out in the car, and that last several hours. For a cat is a new situation, strange (machine motion) and there is the risk that meow much or you fret about anything. For this there are rules to follow.

How to transport a cat in the car: the rules

First, we talk about the rules for so-called “ethical” the car run a cat. An animal who likes to have control of the situation, if you put in a pet carrier and cover with a towel we will not look too well, and shake itself thanks to the new situation.
Why it is good to accustom the cat as a child to travel by car.

How to calm the cat in the car? Getting used to as a child to travel by car, in the cage.

No matter take it somewhere, just load it in the cage, going somewhere in the car to do our own thing, even without him down, then bring him home. This (useless appartentemente) method does two things:

First, not to be connected to the car and cat veterinarian, because it does not know where you go if for five hours of travel plans to go to the vet is sick for five hours and is likely an embolus.
Second, to do it to get used to the car, with short trips, because even the cat as we suffer from car sickness (eyes and inner ear balance organ, they say different things to the brain).
Do not forget the rules of that thing, that one, which is called the Highway Code is not optional, it must be followed.

The cat should be placed in the cage, because if there is inside there is a risk that impede the driver, and that if you stop the police or the police means fine.

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So even if it’s bad, I repeat, the cat should be placed in the cage, does not move freely around the car.

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How to Travel Long Distances With a Cat

Apart from that, there are also a number of precautions that would be good to have when we bring our cat in the car: First, let’s do not eat before traveling.
Cats, in fact, are a bit ‘in itself vomitosi vomit because even when you have no reason, maybe because they can not digest the meal; the stress of the situation can stimulate this feeling, so it is best not to give the cat to eat since the evening before departure.
Will not die of hunger, eat when you arrive.

If you have to deal with the cat a long drive, get ready anyway with water and food.

Obviously, if you do not take the food (if not a few bits of something, kind of wusterl to do good star) never forget the water, so the cat must be able to drink during the journey.

Clearly, we can not leave the water available, because it will surely overturn, but sometimes you have to make a stop, which not only serve to stretch their legs, to us, will be used to give water to the cat.

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Give water that does not mean to simply stretch out to him; except that it will be afraid and will not come out definitely from the carrier, but the water is good to put it in the kennel while we parked. Never let him go, because for fear could escape.

If you are the type of leash to the cat (which makes me laugh just thinking about it), however, you can put it to do, and also very close to him, just because you calm down.

Lastly, we do think of his needs: here, it would be better if it did when we stop putting in the cage a small container (cork of a shoe box) and a little ‘sand so he can do his thing in peace.

In any case, since we can not explain to him that needs to pee when you stop, we put in the cage of old blankets, so that if it is the will and the needs does not do irreparable damage nor the covers, or the car. So when we stop so we have to replace them, the blankets: if he did something, the smell definitely does not take long to reach our nose.

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