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White cat characteristics meaning and race

White cat: characteristics, meaning and race

Having a white cat means having a white cloud of fur around the house, and it is certainly a very charming cat. If then, like my Oscar, it also has ears, a nose and pink pads, tenderness is assured.

Also rumor goes that the white cat brings good luck, will it really be like this? When I watch Oscar, I sometimes think of the Fortunadrago of Infinite History, maybe it’s really like that!

Even as a child a white kitten is irresistible, and people often try to adopt white kittens, perhaps with blue eyes, for their particularity and characteristics, let’s see what they are.

White cat: features

The white cat is often a quiet cat, very tender and who loves to sleep. Whether it is a long-haired white cat like my Oscar or a short-haired white cat, it is often clumsy and not very agile. Will it be a question of genetics?

Surely the white cat generally has a good character, is affectionate and willingly lets himself be pampered.
From the genetic point of view, a white cat is actually an “uncolored” cat, since the W gene is present in it, which is dominant and does not allow the genes of other colors to manifest itself. In purebred cats, a white cat must be totally white, because even if it has only a small black spot on its back, it is referred to as a black cat. Read also: The colors of the hair and the types of cats

The ears of the white cat, the truffle (nose) and the pads are usually pink, although it is not said, there may be spots of other colors.
The white cat must be protected from the rays of the sun, because it is much more likely than cats of other colors to develop a tumor. In fact, squamous cell carcinoma is much more common in white cats and affects the nose and ears.

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The white cat with blue eyes

The white cat with blue eyes is usually a deaf cat, but it is not said. Also in this area, genetics dominates and the possible combinations are many, even if the probabilities are high.

 Often it also happens that the white cat has a blue eye and an eye of another color, it is not so unusual to see it happen, it is a very fascinating peculiarity.

white cat

The white cat is not automatically an albino cat, we talked about it extensively in the dedicated article.

White cat: is there a particular breed?

Sometimes there are those who look for a white cat as if a particular breed of white cat existed, in reality many cat breeds also contemplate the white color, and it is very fascinating to see the particular breed of a white shade.

The white Persian cat, for example, is wonderful, because with its long hair it’s already a cloud by itself, then if it’s all white it’s really beautiful. In the white Persian cat the large round eyes stand out which are the only touch of color of the whole cat.

White Persian cat

Staying with the theme of a long-haired white cat, another beautiful cat is the white Angora cat. The Turkish Angora is the ancestor of the Persian cat and it is a pity that it is disappearing from the feline expositions. The white Angora cat is a cloud of hair (obviously if well-groomed) thanks to the silkiness of its coat.

White Turkish Angora

We continue this series of photos of the white cat, and we talk about the white Siberian cat. The Siberian is a majestic long-haired cat, beautiful in its white variant

White Siberian cat

Even the white Norwegian cat is nothing short of amazing. With its long tail and its particular profile, without “stop”, if in the white color it is striking for its elegance.

You can interested in:

Norwegian forest white

The comparison with the Maine Coon is a must, do you see the fuller cheeks? Now the profile is not seen, but in the maine coon the stop of the nose is more pronounced, moreover the Maine coon has the typical tufts high above the ears. The white Maine coon is a majestic cat to admire.

white maine coon

Turning to the short-haired white cat, a really special cat when it is in the white variant is the Bengal cat. White is really fascinating, with the typical design of a mantle with roses.

White Bengal cat

If you are looking instead, for example a white Carthusian cat, you will never find it, because the Carthusian cat is typically blue-gray.

Beyond the purebred white cat, if we want to admire a candid and smurf-like cat we can very well adopt a white tabby cat, the soriano denomination indicates the foundling cat, and my Oscar is its worthy testimonial! Let us remember instead that the European cat is a real breed, with the typical tabby coloring, that is, brindle.

Dreaming of a white cat, bring luck?

In general, dreaming of a cat connects us to our female part, which is a bit ambiguous as cats are. The cat in dreams is also often associated with freedom, perhaps with our desire to escape.

Dreaming of a white cat in particular seems connected with our sexuality, and is a good sign as it indicates a good relationship with it. White is associated with purity, innocence, and dreaming of a white cat means that we live our body with tranquility and have a good relationship with it.ù

In the context of superstitions, the white cat is seen in a way that is diametrically opposed to the black cat: a white cat that crosses the street is indeed a sign of good luck. The white cat in many countries of the world is considered a bearer of good fortune, I told you that the connection with the white Fortuna Drago was not by chance!

In Russia even the white cat also brings money, and even in eastern countries, just think of the Maneki Neko, the cat you see in all the Chinese restaurants with the leg that goes up and down on purpose to bring good luck in business.

Named tips for a white cat

Do you have a white kitten and you don’t know what name to give him? here are some tips of names for a white cat that can inspire you (trying not to be trivial):

  • Icy
  • Light
  • Winter
  • Casper
  • Coconut
  • Caciotta
  • Sugar
  • Igloo

And do you have a white cat or would you like one? Does it seem to match the description of his character that we gave? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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